Hi, I’m Nicko.

I’ve been designing websites for over 13 years and have worked on projects in the wellness, spirituality and artistic arenas. I help people to tell their stories & communicate their ideas in new and traditional media. I often work one-on-one with clients for small projects, but also work in small creative teams for larger projects. The hallmarks of my work are simplicity, ease of use and beauty.  My design philosophy comes from my love of nature and study of the cultures that value the natural world. 80% of my design work has been in site redesigns. Clients often come to me because they have hired another web designer, gone through the entire design process, and where ultimately not satisfied with the result.

Web,  Mobile, Print, Packaging

Web Back-End Development
Languages:  HTML, PHP, Javascript, Twitter Bootstrap, Semantic, Skeleton

CMS: WordPress, Processwire, Expression Engine, Squarespace, PHP

Server Admin
Linux, FreeBSD, OSX Server, IIS

Other Skills:
Photography, Photoshop. Video Editing.


Initial Meeting:
First we will determine the requirements of the site (how many pages, features, etc.), Once I have a good idea about the needs of your site I will give you an estimate. If the estimate works for you, we will then start the “design process”.

The Design Process:

  1. Contract:  Based on the site needs and estimate I will deliver a contact.
  2. Honing the Purpose:  We will create a set of clear goals, and a short user centered mission statement for your site, we will also discuss your audience, and things of that nature.
  3. Design:  I will turn your goals and mission into design solutions. I use a client centered collaborative approach to design. (We bounce ideas back and forth to come up with better solutions when needed)
  4. Site Launch: Your new website becomes accessible to the public.
  5. Training: If you decide you want to be able to edit your own site I will train you in that process. I also offer training in managing email lists and other online tools useful to small business owners.

Next Step: 
Schedule a time to have an “initial meeting.” I have also included a document with some questions I ask new clients. Please feel free to look them over and fill it out, or think about them before our meeting.